1 Year Reading Through Bible Questions

1 Year Reading Through Bible Questions

Now you can download, through the College of the Bible online platform, the 1-year Reading Guide and all the questions here

Reading Schedule: June 21 - 27

Esther 5 - Job 14

Acts 5:33 - 9:9


1. What does the Feast of Purim celebrate?

2. Summarize, in your own words, what Esther learned about faith in her experience with the King, Haman, and Mordeca.

3. In your reading of Job, what were some of your thoughts regarding Job’s conversations with God? Would you speak to God as he did?

4. What other conversations can you find in scripture that people had with God? Were they as direct as Job? What was the outcome of these conversations?

5. In your reading of the Book of Acts, Gamaliel tells the Sanhedrin to “leave these men alone.” What do you think was behind this advise of Gamaliel? Do you think his reasoning still holds true today?

6. The account of Philip and the Ethiopians is one of the ways that the gospel spread further into Africa. What can we learn from Philip that can inform our own witnessing?