Congregational Care Ministry Fair - Loving Others as We are Loved

Congregational Care Ministry Fair - Loving Others as We are Loved

How do we serve the Lord together? How do we grow in our faith together? How do we deepen our relationships with the Lord and with one another?  How do we reach out with the love of Christ and a warm spirit of friendship to our neighbors? 

These are a few very big and important questions that drive each of us towards making connections here at RB Community. As followers of Jesus Christ we are seeking to deepen our lives through study, worship, service and caring compassion.

Sometimes we find ourselves on the sidelines simply because we don’t know who or how to connect with a ministry we need or what kinds of support are even available! Sometimes we are unclear about how to connect our talents and passion with service. The Congregational Care Ministry Fair is a great opportunity to make contact with information about all our caring ministries and with someone who can help you explore what’s possible.

When you join us in the courtyard you can learn about everything from Helping Hands and our Prayer Chain to Stephen Ministries and Marriage Enrichment. You might stop by a table and find a home with our Deacon Lay Visitation Team or find that your gift of flower arranging can be used to supply beautiful flowers to our shut-ins and those ill and hurting. You will come across our GriefShare information if you are looking for support and companionship as you grieve the loss of a loved one. Perhaps you enjoy quilting or knitting, we have specific need of both!

The point is that there are many, many opportunities and warm invitations to be part of something bigger than you. We invite you to be an active participant in God’s story here at RBCPC. We guarantee that it is a rewarding story filled with joy, challenges and deep relationships.  We look forward to seeing you and helping you share your story!