Dear RB Community Congregants,

Friends & Family Community Connection says thank you for the ongoing food donations gathered by those participating in the Front Porch Drop Off and your Drive Thru Food Drop Off events. During this time of the unprecedented pandemic the extra food resources have been covering the increased needs of families in our community served by FFCC. Each month there has been an increase in the number of families dealing with food insecurity due to unemployment and children at home for 3-meals per day. The diapers and wipes that were donated have been very appreciated by Poway families that we have developed relationships with through the Poway Head Start Preschool Program.

We also want to thank your members for the wonderful and generous financial donations. There have been times we needed to purchase food and we now have funds to help with that during the summer months. FFCC has been listed in the Poway Unified School Districts newsletter to all it's employees and school families as a resource for those needing food assistance this summer.

FFCC maintains an ongoing commitment to continue fulfilling the needs of families in our community. Without your partnership, we would be unable to provide food, hope, and love for so many in our neighborhoods.

With Gratitude,

Becky Palenske, FFCC Coordinator for Local Outreach