Feeding Baja

Feeding Baja

An amazing group of RB Community family and friends gathered on Saturday, April 9 to pack 45,360 meals for residents of Baja California who are dealing with food insecurity. When Covid hit, many businesses closed and people lost their jobs. There was no government check to the rescue.

God has blessed us abundantly and what a blessing it was to be able to provide 210 boxes (45,360 meals) for our neighbors in Baja. Thank you to our hard working set-up crew, our table leaders, the 80 folks that did the packing, and those that stayed to help tear down and clean-up the parking lot. A sincere shout out to Kids Around the World for running the event and to the RB Community Missions Committee for underwriting the cost.

Baja Presbyterian Missions (BPM) has been helping to provide for pastors serving 33 churches in Baja. Throughout Covid, pastors have been faithfully serving their congregation by providing meals, shelter, spiritual and emotional support, and burying many of their members. BPM has been there to help with many of the expenses. With refugees gathering at the border from Central America, Afghanistan, and now the Ukraine, Baja Presbyterian Missions has been assisting by providing meals to the refugee camps.

To learn more about Baja Presbyterian Missions' efforts serving Baja California visit their website at: