Health Information Kits

Health Information Kits

Medical Information kits are being distributed by the parish nurses.

Each kit contains a form for you to fill out with your personal medical information. There are spaces for you to list your emergency contacts, insurance, allergies, current medications, current conditions etc. Having health information in one place is an important part of medical emergency preparedness. 

The information in this kit can help paramedics care for you during an emergency. It’s also convenient for you to take while traveling or for medical appointments.

The kits have a magnet on the back so they can be stored on the refrigerator, where paramedics often look for them. Be sure other members of your family know where you keep it.

In the past we offered a similar product, Vials of Life We are grateful to Leah Brown for coordinating this parish nurse project. It’s important to review your information and keep it updated. A helpful tip is to write some details in pencil so you can change it as needed.

Stop by the parish nurse table on the second Sunday blood pressure screening to get a kit. They are also available on the health wall in the Welcome Center.