Holy Week Devotions

Holy Week Devotions

Here are scriptures and thoughts for each day of Holy Week (April 2-9, 2023)

Each Day Before You Read…

Take a few moments to settle your heart and mind, close your eyes and take three slow breaths in and out with the words, “Enter into this time with me,” and then, “Release me from distractions.”

Sunday – Palm Sunday – John 12:12-19

Consider how Jesus came into your life… did he enter through the voice of a friend, a parent, a child, a pastor, Scripture. Write down how you celebrate Jesus’ entrance into your days.

Monday – In the Temple – Matthew 21:12-17

Consider how Jesus cleared out of your life the things that disrupt your worship of God.  Write down a description of the ways you feel free to worship now.

Tuesday – Jesus Teaching – Matthew 21:42-46

Consider the things in life that try to “kill off” the influence Jesus has on your decisions and actions. Write down a brief prayer for strength to follow and to praise him.

Wednesday – Those Around Jesus – Luke 20:37- 21:6

Consider all the different people who heard and responded to Jesus… aching to learn from him, seeking to kill him, turning their back on him. Write down a thought on Jesus’ love for each of these people.

Thursday – Maundy Thursday – Mark 14:22-26

Consider how Jesus takes ordinary parts of a meal and connects them with a reminder of his love and grace to us. Write down a prayer to say as Grace for a meal, to help you see every meal as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Friday – Good Friday – John 19:16-27

Consider how Jesus gave up everything to clear away anything that will block us from God’s love. Write out how God has expressed his love to you.

Saturday – Holy Saturday – John 19:38-42

Consider how there was a whole day of despair, loss of hope, and a sense of finality after Jesus was buried. Write out how tough it is for you to carry on through a time when you don’t hear God or feel that God is present.

Sunday – Resurrection Sunday – John 20:1-18

Consider the relief, the joy, the excitement and wonder over finding Jesus alive again. Write a prayer of your own praise for God’s work in your life.