Non-Profits Say THANK YOU

Non-Profits Say THANK YOU

Throughout the year I receive thank you notes from non-profit agencies for the donated goods that RB Community has provided to their clients. I thought it appropriate to share the Thank You's with the folks making it all happen ... YOU!

"Thank you for your continuous support of our local military and veteran families. We are grateful for community members like you." Tracie Winn and Team STEP

"Your congregation has been a blessing and made a difference in the lives of Solution families transitioning out of homelessness and into a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children." Debra Sallaz, Solutions for Change

"Thank you for including Alternatives in your drive! Your support means so much to our team. Lives are being changed, saved, and spared as a result of your gracious gifts. We are so grateful for your congregation!" Hannah Oliver, Alternative Medical Clinic

"It has been a pleasure working with you in coordinating outreach engagements and donation drives. Your congregation is wonderful and so generous." Ilona Beyer, Interfaith Community Services

"Good News and God is Good! Thanks to the generosity of funding and packaged food donations your church has helped BPM send COVID relief to the Mexican Presbyterian churches. Your donations have been such a blessing to families who are out of work and struggling with COVID illness." Jim Hancock, Baja Presbyterian Missions