Ordain and Install

Ordain and Install

This Sunday, the church will ordain and install our new ruling elders and deacons. Every year we elect officers to three-year terms of service, but rarely do we talk about the importance of the ordination and installation process. Let’s delve deeper together. First, the word “ordain.” It means more than “appoint” or “induct.” They are not joining a club or getting a letterman's jacket. “Presbyterians have understood ordination to be like a three-legged stool. First, the call comes from God; second, the individual hears that call; and third, a definable church group sees in the individual ministerial potential.” (Dee H. Wade, 2015) It’s also important to note that within the governance of the PCUSA, the ministries of teaching elders, ruling elders, and deacons are regarded as equals. As we have spent time discovering who we are as a church, our strengths and values, and the PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee) searches for our new called teaching elder (head pastor), the ruling elders and deacons will play a pivotal role in leading this church in the coming months and years. Now, the word “install;” what does that mean? The quote that came to my mind is from The Chronicles of Narnia; “Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen” (don’t ask me why; perhaps I’m excited for the new Greta Gerwig series adaptation). Similarly, once you are ordained as an elder or a deacon, you are always one; but in order to actively serve, you must be installed. Think of the dishwasher in your garage you begrudgingly paid Lowes extra to deliver; it’s still a dishwasher when it’s sitting in the box, but you have to install it for it to do its job. As part of the ordination and installation service, the approved candidates will be asked constitutional questions that affirm their faith, confirm their understanding of the roles they are being called to fill, and express a clear willingness to perform the roles. Then, all ordained elders and deacons have the opportunity to lay hands on the newly installed as we pray over them, asking God to lead them and bless their ministries. Leading up to Sunday, please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters stepping into the leadership roles of elders and deacons. Pray for discernment, wisdom, patience, camaraderie, passion and perseverance.


Carol Asbury

Marianne Bohley

Joyce Floyd

Ellen Fowler

Diana Hall

Gwendolyn Long

Kristine Martin

Eileen Neville

Mary-Ellen Robinson

Judy Wilson

Paul Zimmerman



Irene Dunny

Warren Johnson 

Larry Martin

Mel Nelville

George Samaan

Barbara Weeks (alternate)