Pastor Mofid's Mission Update from Egypt

Pastor Mofid's Mission Update from Egypt

Dear beloved, servants of the Lord,

Grace to you and Peace,

Thank you so much for your prayers. God is good!!. Our mission this year is the best. The Lord blessed us a lot. 150 pastors from 9 different denominations gathered together in a very busy conference. The 150 pastors came from all over Egypt. Some pastors travelled 18 hours to attend the conference. The conference was very successful conference. We studied the book of Daniel every day from 9:00 am-9:00 pm. I was blessed to lead the conference and teach Daniel. (Unfortunately, there are currently no written commentaries in Arabic on Daniel)

During the conference, MIral and Mirna were able to meet with pastors' wives. They also visited several churches in Cairo. 

Friday, we went to Alexandria to follow up with one of our new mission projects. A ministry to the poor widows in Asafra area. The mission to the widows in Asafra, Alexandria is a blessing to about 300 widows. 

Today I preached at Medinat Nasr church. The Lord blessed us a lot. The service including my sermon was broadcasted live online. 

After the service, we were able to visit a Sudanees community. All of them are refuges. They escaped from the persecution in Sudan, they are very poor community. We spent the rest of the day with them. 

The Lord willing, tomorrow we will be traveling to the south. 

Please pray for:

  1. Safety and protection for the team as we travel to the south.

  2. Successful and blessed mission to the south.

  3. Strength to the team to continue our mission

I miss you all there in San Diego. I pray may the Lord bless you all and keep you as you continue to serve Him.

In Christ,

Pastor Mofid