Pastoral Transition Update

Pastoral Transition Update

Pastor Bryan has gone to Texas…So who is our new pastor? 

Unlike some other denominations, we Presbyterians don’t have a replacement pastor assigned to us. We trust God to Call a pastor to us, and we wait for us to hear God’s Call to know this is the pastor for us.  As you might expect, this may take a bit more time than placing an ad and interviewing a few people.

We actually choose a new pastor in two steps, which often takes 18-24 months.  To get us started, the session selects an Interim pastor to be with us for the time it takes to select our permanent pastor.  Our session has already chosen five Elders to find our Interim. Because they have begun their work, we hope this first step will be complete in 2-3 months, maybe just before Easter.

The Interim Pastor helps us as a congregation, through a process of discernment and contemplation, to better understand God’s future plan for His (our) church.  As our understanding grows, the Officer Nominating Committee selects the important Pastor Nominating Committee, who will be elected by the Congregation and represent us in our search for candidates.  With God’s help, there is a pastor who will know that coming to RB Community is God’s will and our PNC will also hear God’s call to accept that pastor.   

It is a long road, but one that will bring the right pastor to us.  Please join our session and the whole congregation in prayer for discernment of God’s will.