Sanctuary Worship Resumes

Sanctuary Worship Resumes

RB Community has been abundantly blessed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to have the space and staffing to execute multiple online and outdoor worship services. From the ingenuity of the drive-in service to the power of singing together on the courtyard, I have been thankful for our worship services. God is certainly alive when people gather in his name!

There was a great response to last Sunday’s beta-test of indoor sanctuary worship and children/youth programming and, led by the session, the church is moving forward to implement that model every Sunday, beginning this weekend, April 18th. Does it mean things are “back to pre-pandemic normal?” Not quite; per session’s mandate, everyone will wear masks, social distancing is strongly encouraged and congregational singing is not allowed. Personally, I want to say thank you to our congregation for being steadfast in following the guidelines. As someone who is not fully vaccinated with a baby at home, your adherence is appreciated. 

I am reminded of a children’s bible song:

I am the church

You are the church

We are the church together

All who follow Jesus all around the world

Yes, we’re the church together.

The church is not a building

The church is not a steeple

The church is not a resting place

The church is the people

The church has never closed, and your staff and leadership are committed to continued service of God and the community of Christ. As we continue to open up more of our campus and transition to indoor worship, we appreciate your continued prayers for health, safety and discernment. 

In Christ,

Liz Virkler