The College of Marriage

The College of Marriage

The College of Marriage videos can be viewed by clicking the specific links below. The videos can be viewed independently or in the order they were presented by Scott Wood and Carolyn Klusmeier.

Week 1. Marriage 101: Introduction

Week 2. How to Love

Week 3. Family of Origin

Week 4. Handling Conflict: Self-Regulation

Week 5. Handling Conflict: Co-Regulation

Week 6. Handling Conflict: Skills

Week 7. Forgiveness: Healing Wounds

Week 8. Sex

Week 9. Affair-Proofing

Week 10. Protecting Your Marriage from External Pressures

Week 11. Proactive Parenting

Week 12. Support Systems

Week 13. Financial Management

Week 14. Financial Management Part 2 (Not Recorded)

Week 15. The Foretaste of Heaven (Not Recorded)