Unquenchable Hospitality

Unquenchable Hospitality

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time church-family member, you will, no doubt, experience a feeling of warmth and welcome when you come to our campus.  Many people have commented on that feeling and have said they know they want to come back.  What they may experience is Holy Spirit drawing near.  They feel cared for and appreciated.  

Hospitality is a major focus of our church family.  At RB Community it is a Holy Spirit gift enlivening and encouraging us to share of ourselves.  Our programs and activities flow together to bless those who enjoy them as well as those who prepare them.  Some of our most popular are dinners on the patio, our all-church picnic, men’s fellowship barbecues, Breakfast in Bethlehem, and this year the nativity story told in living scenes.  The spirit of hospitality is what motivates our large crowd of volunteers to be part of the fun rather that standing in the background to watch.  

There are many opportunities to participate in our hospitality activities.  Some are teaching Sunday school, ushering, preparing the sanctuary for worship, caring for the patio plants, directing traffic on a busy Sunday morning, planning and decorating for the many family activities we hopefully will be able to do again.  All these activities are filled with fun and fellowship. 

It is this fellowship that creates our unquenchable desire to be of service to our church family and our community.  In so doing we learn what it means to be the body of Christ.  We give God the glory along with our gratitude for the joy we experience as we offer our hospitality to others and to each other. 

If you would like to join our “TEAM” to assist once a year, more often if available, please contact