Workshop on Adult Protective Services

Workshop on Adult Protective Services

You are invited to attend this Community Workshop on Wed, March 22 -5:30 - 7:00 pm at the Country Club of R.B.  to learn about the San Diego County’s Adult Protective Services (APS).  The event is co-hosted by County Supervisor Joel Anderson and the RB Sunrise Rotary Club.

Learn about the Signs of Elder Abuse - -  how to spot the signs of abuse and what to do about these evil actions against the elderly.  Discover how to report it and how it's investigated.

Elder abuse will not stop on its own. Someone else needs to step in and help. Many older adults are too ashamed to report mistreatment. Or, they're afraid if they make a report it will get back to the abuser and make the situation worse.

This workshop will also provide information about common scams targeting the  elderly. Every year in San Diego County, senior citizens are scammed out of millions of dollars by bad actors who prey on vulnerability and the trusting nature of our elders.  Shame often prevents a senior citizen from reporting they have been a victim. Learn how to stop that mindset in its tracks.