How in the world do I get started with all this technology?!?

How in the world do I get started with all this technology?!?

By far the most frequent comments I've received have been complimentary, gracious, and understanding. Your staff appreciate how folks have affirmed the work from our church team to navigate this new reality. Worship for the past two weeks has been online, and we've reached thousands of people!

The second most common email our teams have received are summarized with one word , "Help!" We know working with technology is new for many of you. Much of this is new for me, too! Here is a run down of what is available, and how to get connected as a first time user.

To watch WORSHIP, you have two choices: Facebook or YouTube. Notice those two words are underlined in blue. Highlighted/underlined words in blue convey they are active LINKS to click on them for direct access to those platforms. We recommend YouTube as the most stable viewing experience for beginners. You do not need an account with YouTube, but you will not be able to comment with other viewers as the service streams. Step one is always go to our website - and click the active blue link you prefer to watch worship. Common links are always on the front page of our site.

To take the next step, you'll need to activate accounts with Facebook or YouTube. An account is not necessary to watch our streaming services, but accounts are required to communicate live with the leaders hosting the live events. Accounts are free, go to either service and find the "create a new account" links. Again, accounts are optional.

Services will post and remain active to watch at your convenience if you miss the live streaming event.

Thank you for being a part of our faith family. We remind you to check our NEWS page often for updated resources, news and inspirational content.

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