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Technical Services Assitant


To maintain the highest quality of skilled operation and coordination of worship services. The technical services assistant will be responsible for assuring the proper function and quality of audio, video and lighting systems (AVL) during worship services and other church functions assigned to them.


A. Provide unique area of expertise in Audio, Video and Lighting.

B. Set up and break down of all instruments and audio equipment.

C. Provide transition to change of service types efficiently and on time.

D. Set up and operate lighting equipment including programming of lighting console.

E. Set up and operate projection, equipment.

F. Record worship services.

G. Operate audio playback and video playback.


A. Reports to Communication Director.

B. Works with other paid staff and volunteers.

C. Relates to and consults with the worship leaders and music leaders regarding audio resources and requirements.


A. US Citizen or authorized to work in the US.

B. High School Diploma or equivalent.

C. Five years experience in technical service arena.

D. Technical requirements include knowledge of audio components making up the sound system, how to connect loudspeakers, monitors, microphones, wireless microphones and cable connector configurations and ability to make recommendations on the purchase of appropriate equipment.

E. Operation experience including the ability to detect subtle nuances such as pre-ringing, ringing, feedback, equalization of room acoustics and microphones and properly mixing of different voices and music to achieve a peasant listening experience.

F. The ability to train staff and volunteers with less skill and knowledge in the above abilities.

G. Ability to follow verbal and/or written instructions and work well with minimum supervision.

H. Good customer service attitude.

I. Requires flexibility of time and days of week.

J. Requires work on Sundays and holidays.

To apply for a position in RB Community Church email a cover letter and resumé to jobs@rbcpc.org.