Concert Series at RB Community

Dear Music Lovers,

Live music is back‭! ‬RB Community Church invites you to our 2021/2022‭ ‬concert season‭ featuring a variety of talented and engaging performers‭. ‬There is something for everyone’s taste‭, ‬ranging from jazz to Baroque‭, ‬classical choruses to Argentine tango‭, ‬large ensembles to solo instrumentalists‭.‬

As a ministry of the church‭, ‬we are committed to offering free‭ ‬concerts to the Rancho Bernardo and greater San Diego‭ ‬community‭. ‬Your financial support makes this possible‭. ‬Please consider making a donation by sending a check to the church with‭ ‬“Concert Series”‭ ‬on the memo line‭. ‬You may also give online; remember to select‭ ‬“Concert Series”‭ ‬from the dropdown menu‭.‬

I hope to greet you at one of this year’s concerts‭. ‬Remember‭, ‬it’s a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family to enjoy an evening of music‭.‬

Musically Yours,

Elizabeth Virkler (Director of Worship, Music and the Arts)

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