Congregational Care at RB Community

Rev. Dr. Mofid Wasef is the Associate Pastor supervising the vast array of congregational care ministries offered through our faith family ( Mofid has over 20 years of experience with our church, bringing a wealth of Biblical knowledge to studies he leads and passion for Christ in the ministries he shepherds. The congregational care team consists of over 150 people who serve as Deacons, prayer teams, support groups, visitation teams, bereavement support and Stephen Ministers. As a church, we follow Christ's example to both provide and receive support for spiritual, mental and physical needs.

Mofid is also the pastor of our Arabic ministries, preaching and leading a weekly worship experience for Arabic speaking believers every Sunday.

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Be part of a community of people experiencing God together.
Congregational Care Ministry Fair - Loving Others as We are Loved

How do we serve the Lord together? How do we grow in our faith together? How do we deepen our relationships with the Lord and with one another?...


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Prayer Request Submissions

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Fentanyl Killing American Youth

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Deacon Family Assistance Program

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Show Your Heart the Love it Deserves

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Put Your FIRST AID SKILLS to Good Use

VOLUNTEER - our church needs volunteers to provide first aid assistance at the following events:...

Coronavirus Vaccination Update

The Coronavirus vaccine ...

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  • 2:30 PM
  • East Dormer