Stephen Ministry at RB Community


Our Stephen Ministry program provides confidential, one-to-one, Christian care to people who are facing a crisis or life challenge, or who are going through a difficult time and could benefit from the care of a supportive Christian friend. All of our Stephen Ministers are church members, and while they are not counselors or therapists, they have gone through 50+ hours of training.

Your Stephen Minister will walk alongside of you, ready to focus on your concerns in a nonjudgmental way, and is trained in compassion and empathetic listening to provide care for those experiencing grief from loss of a loved, loss of a job, relational difficulties, divorce, illness, or anxiety and stress, to name a few situations.

Our Stephen Ministers are trustworthy, dependable, confidants who will keep everything you say and even your identity confidential. They will pray and share scripture at your request and show you Christ’s love.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH TRIALS ALONE. Stephen Ministers are ready to listen, care, and pray with you, knowing that we are the Care givers and God is the Cure giver. If you would consider having a Stephen Minister, please contact:

JUDY VENN-WATSON - Referral Coordinator or 858-401-0528 (cell)

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