Campus Return Survey Results

Campus Return Survey Results

Over 500 people took our online survey about returning to campus. Throughout the three weeks we collected data, the percentages stayed consistent. So thank you for taking the time to answer the 14 questions. Your responses helped us understand your thoughts  about taking care of yourselves and others around you. 

The data  confirms we all want to come back together  (we are all missing our hugs and seeing each other weekly). However, the survey clarified that only about 22% of us want to return to the church campus right away. Most of us want to return with precautions or wait several weeks before we feel safe being around others, even with social distancing. 

70% of us believe that a slow and contemplative plan, to phase in togetherness, is the best approach with consideration of health guidelines by state and city authorities. 

The majority of people are willing to wear masks, which is good since that is the requirement in the state of California for gatherings. 85% of the survey respondents were okay with the church checking temperatures, and 66% were ready to wear masks. 25% of the responders checked they would rather worship “mask free” at home for several more weeks until more confirmations emerge about the virus and contagion levels.

When we do come back for a worship service, we are thankful that 85% of us are willing to attend a service at a different time in order for people to spread out more. Obviously, we will be exceedingly careful with all requirements for restarting children’s and youth ministries as it is difficult to keep spaces clean while encouraging children to social distance. We will be following state orders about children, which currently do not allow children to gather. 

Through all of this crisis, it was nice to read that over 90% of us are finding hope in God in this season. Most of us are experiencing this truth about God - Holy Spirit is faithful, and we will glorify Jesus as we walk through this together. 

We’re still being the Body of Christ in this time of preparing to come back together. We can celebrate:  people who have been donating food to help others in the community, members checking in with each other so they know they have a connection to our church, and leadership continuing to meet five days a week to plan the details of moving back on campus with all of the safety measures in place to protect each other. 

Praise be to God for our faith family! We love our church and community!

And we have a plan!  We will continue to worship online, but at the same time we will bring back groups of people to the campus. You can read the latest details of our Phased in Plans HERE