Communications at RB Community

Our Communications and Tech departments are led by Luke Graham ( Luke has experience in the recording industry, working with professionals and artists across a broad spectrum of genres. He coordinates all aspects of our sound systems and lighting needs, print materials, graphics, and website design. He is also an accomplished musician and song writer.

Campus Return Survey Results

Over 500 people took our online survey about returning to campus. Throughout the three weeks we collected data, the percentages stayed consistent. So thank you for taking...

Pastor Bryan Stamper Reopening VIDEO update


A Letter from your Pastors

To the beloved saints of God who together form the Body of Christ as RB Community Church,...

Our Strategy to Reopen

This is the outline of our approach to activate in person activities on the RB Community Presbyterian campus. Safety is of the utmost importance - we not only serve each...

Reopening Update for RB Community

RB Community has always been a church focused on providing a safe place for people to gather in love and care for each other. As the church begins to open following the...

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  • 9:00 am
  • Sanctuary