Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Two Volunteers Needed to deliver nonperishable groceries once per month to seniors at Brookview Village in Poway.

The seniors benefitting from non-perishable food at Brookview are self-identified, and their groceries are packed based on their food requests. Many of the recipients are housebound due to age or disability and do not go out for groceries on their own. A volunteer (Amy Wazny) individually packs the bags according to their preferred food. Another "4 Community Care" volunteer contacts the residents to confirm they will be home for deliveries. We are looking for a new “team” to deliver groceries, as the team who has been delivering the last 10 years are “retiring”.

Grocery delivery to Brookview is a good fit for two or more volunteers to work together, and can be done with family members for community service. The delivery day and time is flexible, as long as the day is consistent so that the phone caller can set up the delivery dates in advance with the residents. In other words, the group can choose Friday afternoons, or Saturdays, or whatever day each month works best for them. The volunteers will meet the packing lead (Amy Wazny) to pick up the packed bags, and deliver each bag to the door of the resident. The unit number will be labeled on each grocery bag.  The delivery team will knock on the door and greet the resident. If comfortable, the delivery team can bring the bag inside for the senior. Sometimes the resident asks that the bag be left at their door.

If interested, please contact or